Past Newsletters

Check out past editions of Vital Source, Ohio Council of Community Schools' quarterly newsletter.

Spring 2015 - click here to download

OCCS highlights its governing board training initiatives, School Choice Week celebration, Teacher of the Year awards, and annual report.

Summer 2014 - click here to download

OCCS announces leadership change, highlights its reauthorization process that was featured by NACSA, announces new Director of Academics and School Improvement, provides an update on the mid-biennium budget review (MBR), and shares lots of good news about our schools- including 2014 postsecondary scholarship winners.

Winter 2014 - click here to download

OCCS discusses its new school application process, shares news about this year’s National School Choice Week, announces the 2013 Teacher of the Year, and recaps the 7th annual charter school conference. Also in this edition:  CPA receives High Progress School of Honor award from ODE, Dr. Chambers speaks about sponsors and charter schools, OCCS remembers employee Heather Abrighach, and more.

Fall 2013 - click here to download

OCCS sponsors 10 new schools, names new Associate Executive Director, and discusses how Ohio's new report cards provide an opportunity for charter schools to improve. Also in this edition: new school technology grant winners and student scholarship winners are announced, and OCCS Executive Director takes the helm of the statewide sponsor association.

Summer 2013 - click here to download

Announcement regarding Dr. Darlene Chambers selection for national NACSA Leaders Program, Senator Hite visits Toledo school and office, summary of Senate Bill 21, spotlight on teachers, students, partners, and more.

Winter 2013 - click here to download

Recap of Toledo-based National School Choice event, summary of House Bill 555 and changes affecting charter schools, announcement regarding Dr. Darlene Chambers' appointment to the Cleveland Transformation Alliance, Teacher of the Year award winner, OCCS-sponsored schools highlighted by state and national media, and more.

Fall 2012 - click here to download

Update on OCCS' portfolio results, based on 2011-12 preliminary achievement data, a recap of our Won't Back Down movie premier, some reading recommendations, and lots of good news from our schools - including postsecondary scholarship winners, charter school start-up (tech) grants, School Leader of the Year, and more.

Summer 2012 - click here to download

Best practices in special education in a virtual charter school, a SB 316 recap, update on the "Cleveland" plan, news on value-added, an one OCCS-affiliated student featured in the New York Times.

Spring 2012 - click here to download

Our first new quarterly newsletter, announcing OCCS school expansion, scholarship opportunities, a recap on state and federal legislation, and good news about our students.