Academics & Accountability

Academics and Accountability

OCCS monitors each school’s progress toward the goals outlined in its charter contract by evaluating whether the school is implementing the stated educational plan, upholding the mission, and meeting their academic and financial benchmarks. In addition to oversight and monitoring, OCCS also offers high-quality technical assistance to schools to help them succeed. This assistance includes:

  • Providing guidance as it relates to administration of achievement exams, or other academic or technical issues;
  • School improvement coaching;
  • Understanding and using performance data;
  • Data reports;
  • Monthly academic updates;
  • Acting as a liaison with The Ohio Department of Education
  • Special education reviews; and,
  • Other education reviews upon request.

Our aim is to act as a resource for schools as they plan and evaluate opportunities for short- and long-term improvement, providing guidance, opportunities for professional development, and clear, data-driven feedback. OCCS shares school achievement, growth and comparative performance information with each partner because we believe student data should be the basis for every decision at a school. Schools are just a phone call away from additional resources, information and opportunities for collaboration, innovation and growth.

OCCS' Academics and Technical Assistance team has successfully worked with partners to monitor school improvement plans, review state and federal accountability regulations, and to align educational and performance plans. Our team is aware that the accountability landscape of our state and nation is continuously changing; our goal is to continue to keep our partners aware of these evolving standards.

In exchange for autonomy and the freedom to innovate and make decisions that reflect students’ needs – without additional burdens or red tape – OCCS holds its schools to high academic and fiscal standards. Decisions about opening new schools, reauthorizing existing schools, and intervening with or closing poor performers are heavily informed by data collected and monitored throughout each academic year and throughout the course of the charter contract.