The Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) Compliance Department is primarily charged with fulfilling the statutory sponsor obligation of monitoring and evaluating community school compliance with all laws applicable to the school and in terms of the charter contract.

The department consists of in-house staff members and field personnel known as Regional Representatives who are responsible for implementing a monitoring system comprised of document collection, contract analysis, information and resource sharing, site visit evaluation, and governing board meeting attendance.

The in-house staff works in conjunction with the Regional Representatives in the field to provide quality oversight, as well as offer additional support and assistance to those schools that may experience difficulties in understanding all of their obligations under state and federal law and their charter contracts. Some of the requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety and Building
  • Governance of the School
  • Finance
  • Special Education
  • Medical and Student Records
  • Accountability, Performance and Reporting
  • Teacher Certifications and Background Checks
  • Parental Notifications

The OCCS Compliance Department also facilitates complaints related to schools that it sponsors. Further, it interfaces with the Ohio Department of Education in assuring compliance of each sponsored school.

To foster greater efficiency and organization in its monitoring responsibilities, the department utilizes Epicenter, a web-based, state-of-the-art oversight system designed to help authorizers manage compliance, including record-keeping and real-time reporting on schools’ compliance with document requests.