Fiscal Oversight

OCCS takes seriously its responsibility to monitor its sponsored charter schools with respect to finances, and considers itself a partner in the careful stewardship of public tax dollars. As such, OCCS provides a comprehensive package of fiscal oversight services for our member schools that includes:

  • Review of fiscal requirements and deadlines in charter contracts to ensure sponsored schools are on track with financial goals; 
  • Review of fiscal information during the contract renewal process;
  • Monthly fiscal reviews of each school, and collaboration with school treasurer;
  • Review of school start-up budgets and other fiscal matters during the new school application process;
  • Engagement with the board and/or its designee to understand state funding and reporting requirements, to ensure that each school complies with all state regulations and laws;
  • Fiscal training for governing board members, as needed and upon their request;
  • Provision of an objective analysis of the school’s financial statements, upon school request;
  • Participation in school auditing process and collaboration with auditors to act as a liaison for the sponsored school, and;
  • Review of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) issued payment reports and information to make sure all owed payments are reaching schools.

OCCS works directly (and frequently) with schools and governing board members to identify and prevent problems and to make sure each school is in good fiscal standing.