What We Do

As a sponsor (aka authorizer), the Ohio Council of Community Schools monitors the academic and fiscal performance of its sponsored schools and ensures that each school meets all the applicable federal and state regulations and rules. This includes requirements around building code compliance, teacher certification, background checks, fire/health/safety, academic testing, special education, and more. (For more information on our specific services and functions as an authorizer, read the tabs under “Our Services.”)

In Ohio, statute also requires that sponsors provide technical assistance to schools. OCCS’ experienced staff provides a range of free resources to schools in the areas of academics, special education, compliance, board trainings, school financial reviews, policy/advocacy, and more. (OCCS does not sell services to its partner schools.)

Finally, OCCS goes above and beyond by treating each partnership as a true collaboration with schools and their governing boards and management companies.  We fund strategic initiatives (read more here) for our schools, their staff and their students. We seek partnerships that allow schools to not only thrive but innovate, and hold high standards for ourselves and others, believing that school autonomy and accountability are equally important. OCCS also acts as an advocate for quality charters and choice more broadly, through events (in Ohio and nationally), advocacy, media relations, and more.