OCCS was proud to present NWEA training by, Mr. Lindsay Stoelting, an NWEA trainer. Four 1 hour sessions were offered. Session one was a pre-session for schools new to NWEA. This session taught participants the basics of MAP testing and gave a foundation to build on for the afternoon sessions. The three additional consecutive sessions built on the previous sessions and focused on reports and how to use the data to drive instruction and increase student academic achievement. Participants were provided with the Map Growth Workbook: Applying Reports and Map Growth: Reports Portfolio as resources to take with them and apply at their schools. NWEA created video tutorials on how to use the MAP suite can be found here.

Special Education

OCCS provides ongoing technical assistance to help our schools maintain compliance in Special Education. School leaders and staff are trained in the discipline of students with disabilities, the intersection of ESL and special education, and the changing landscapes of state and federal requirements.

Google Training

“Open house” forum where the Goll Group’s offerings were presented and then principals received one on one attention regarding their individual schools

New Principal Training

OCCS takes great pride in providing the necessary technical assistance to help our schools maintain compliance.  New school leaders are trained in the Roles and Responsibilities of the school and sponsor as well as compliance timelines and types of technical assistance provided. The New Principle Training PowerPoint can be found here.