What we do

To our schools, we're more than a sponsor; we're partners who offer assistance in finance, special education, academics, and more. We seek partnerships that allow schools not only to thrive, but innovate and hold high standards for ourselves and others. Keys to this success are the following:

  • Collaboration with management partners and other education advocates to ensure all students have access to high-quality education options
  • Working with schools to make sure they meet requirements that govern testing
  • Representatives who link between the school board and the school

We pride ourselves on being champions of school performance, innovation, and strategic improvement processes. At OCCS, we strive to streamline and strengthen school and board oversight and compliance while bolstering internal capacity and growing staff leadership. All of this is possible through our ability to enhance fiscal monitoring and provide strong attention to protocol oversight.

Please click here for a listing of the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Authority and the Ohio Council of Community schools.

Core Values:


We strongly believe in advancing educational choice and achieving excellence through leadership and innovation. At the heart of our organization are our five core values:

School Choice