Our Team

The Ohio Council of Community Schools is led by experienced educators who share a commitment to high-quality education for all students. While the OCCS Board of Trustees sets the overall direction and mission for the organization, the leadership team and staff are responsible for its implementation.

Providing Sound Leadership Since 1998

Lenny Schafer, M.ED., PCC-S

Executive Director

Christopher Trabbic, BA

Associate Executive Director of Operations

Jason Wall, M.Ed.

Associate Executive Director of Development

Darrin Beconder, BA

Vice President of Internal Oversight

Tony Cardinal, M.Ed.

Vice President of External Oversight

Shelby Sauer, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Burger, MA

Director of Special Education

Scott McClain, MA

Director of Regional Representatives

Sarah Sánchez Everett, BS

Director of Communications

Judy Sgambati, M.Ed.

Director of Academics

Adrianne C. Shreve, BS

Director of Fiscal Oversight

Elisabeth Webb, MA

Director of Compliance

Jessica Blair, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Special Education

Danielle Hier, Ph.D.

Northeast Ohio Regional Representative

Megan Howard, M.ED.

Northeast Ohio Regional Representative

Keith Hutcherson

Associate Director of Information Technology

Tara Jones, BS

Central Ohio Regional Representative

Kristin Katakis, M.Ed.

Northwest Ohio Regional Representative

Matthew Trzcinski, BA

Contract Analyst

Wendy Rowland, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Regional Representatives

Stephanie Trawick, BS

Central Ohio Regional Representative

Willa Bundy

Compliance Specialist

Felicia Hunt

Communications Specialist

Paige LaPoint, BBA

Compliance Specialist

Diane Russell

Fiscal Analyst

Lori Rysz

Compliance Paralegal

Lexi Quinlivan, BBA

Communications Specialist

Miriam Dia

Administrative Specialist