Strategic Initiatives

To demonstrate our commitment to high-quality education for all students and dedication to providing assistance to partner schools, OCCS is pleased to offer several grants awarded annually to help offset the costs of education.


This funding opportunity is intended to support schools in meeting or exceeding the goals outlined in their Performance and Accountability Plan or to help fund the implementation of initiatives designed to improve student engagement and retention. The current application may be found here. Deadline is Monday, October 15, 2018.


New School Technology Grants

One-time grants for technology to to improve student achievement, develop 21st century skills and support teaching strategies.

Postsecondary Scholarships

Multiple scholarships to support students who wish to further their education after high school. The 2018-2019 school year marks our eleventh scholarship cycle. These scholarship opportunities were developed to award academic achievement, help students with a financial need, and support first-generation college students. The eligibility criteria and application for each scholarship may be found below:

Teachers of the Year Awards

The OCCS Teachers of the Year Awards recognizes teachers in OCCS-affiliated schools who demonstrate leadership and a strong commitment to student achievement gains. Each year, a teacher from a bricks-and-mortar school and a virtual school are recognized. The two awards are an acknowledgement of the unique challenges and talents required to be a highly effective teacher in those very different environments.