OCCS will examine the reauthorization application and ensure it is both consistent with Ohio law and the principles and standards for quality authorizing established by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), and OCCS will reauthorize those schools that have met the terms and standards of their charter contract, statutory requirements, and are financially and organizationally viable. OCCS will provide schools seeking renewal with a "Reauthorization Data Dashboard," which outlines the school’s performance over the term of the contract. Additionally, schools will be provided an opportunity to answer a series of narrative responses in order to demonstrate evidence of progress.

During the reauthorization process, OCCS measures the school’s progress toward achieving four core expectations during its charter contract:

  • A Successful Educational Program
  • An Effective, Well Managed & Well Governed Organization
  • Satisfying Agreed Upon Conditions For Success
  • Capacity To Implement Strategic Plans For Future Success