All monitoring is conducted through a dedicated Compliance Department via document and contract analysis and information and resource sharing. OCCS uses web-based technology to manage all compliance requirements. Each year, documents received are used to complete Annual Assurances for each school. By law, the verification from OCCS is required prior to a school opening its doors each year.

We also provide technical support to any of our sponsored schools that may need assistance in understanding the terms of the charter contracts and/or obligations under state and federal law. We interface regularly with the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce to assure compliance of each sponsored school. Annually, OCCS prepares a report of the performance of its sponsored schools. The report, sent to the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce, evaluates a school’s academic, fiscal and legal compliance, along with its organization and operations.

Staff members review several thousand documents and items on an annual basis.

Building and School Safety


  • Sunshine Law Manual
  • As an added service, OCCS offers regional governing board trainings throughout the year.
  • OCCS disseminates monthly briefs to board members that contain compliance and legislative updates, academic and event information.
  • The Ohio Attorney General offers an online training option to fulfill the annual Sunshine law training requirement outlined in ORC 3314.037 for governing board members, fiscal officers, chief administrative officers and other administrative employees of the school, and all individuals performing supervisory or administrative services for the school under a contract with the management organization of the school.
  • Community school governing board members must be aware of and abide by Ohio’s Ethics Laws outlined in Chapter 102 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Ohio Ethics Commission offers webinars on Ohio Ethics law throughout the year. 

Medical and Student Records

Staff and Reporting

  • School Monthly Report Guidance
  • As an added service, OCCS is able to take fingerprints to be submitted to the State for the requisite background checks for volunteering, employment, licensure, and governing board service.
  • OCCS disseminates a monthly principal brief outlining compliance and legislative updates as well as academic and event information.
  • OCCS disseminates annual compliance calendars to each school in order to assist in organization.
  • School staff members may submit compliance requirements electronically through the OCCS web-based compliance platform.