Current Schools

OCCS-sponsored schools have demonstrated a proven record of success. Find an OCCS-sponsored school near you.

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Future Schools

If you're considering opening a school or simply looking for a new authorizer for your existing school, consider the Ohio Council of Community Schools.

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OCCS continually monitors a school's performance during its charter contract. A thorough reauthorization process ensures academic and financial success.

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Strategic Initiatives

To demonstrate our commitment to high-quality education for all students and dedication to providing assistance to partner schools, OCCS is pleased to offer several grants awarded annually to help offset the costs of education.

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School Resources

School success is dependent on the resources provided by administrators and sponsors. We have compiled a list of links to both State and National websites to help ensure our schools succeed.

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Our report card:


The best way to understand the Charter School advantage is to see the data for yourself. Each year, we analyze data from Ohio’s Local Report Cards to evaluate how our overall portfolio of schools is performing, identify areas for growth, and measure our own performance as a statewide sponsor. 

Ohio Department of Education and Workforce:

Ohio School Report Cards

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