First Annual Online Learning Day

OCCS is pleased to announce that the first annual Online Learning Day took place on October 7th in Columbus, Ohio.  Hosted by the Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition and the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, the event was attended by close to 500 families, as well as teachers and other e-school supporters from across the state.

The purpose of this momentous occasion was to foster greater e-school awareness, highlight the effectiveness of this particular educational choice, and provide a forum for which families and other stakeholders could meet with legislators. Attendees were offered a variety of activities to participate in throughout the day such as: COSI Science Spots, learning stations provided by different Ohio e-schools, statehouse tours, and parental choice advocates speaking on the value of e-schools. 

State Senator Keith Faber (R-12thdistrict) was one of the featured speakers and espoused e-schools as "an important part of this formula" in Ohio that allows parents and children to choose a school that fits best for them. "You know different kids learn in different ways. One size does not fit all," he said.  Sen. Faber went on to express his gratitude for the e-school option and encourage those in attendance to contact to their respective legislators to reiterate that "parents know what's the best leaning environment of their kids - not education bureaucrats, not union leaders, and not a politician."

OCCS was very excited to take part in the first annual Online Learning Day and would like to thank all of those who worked hard to make the day such a great success!