Fulbright Award winner pens letter thanking OCA for her success

Former Ohio Connections Academy student, Alex LeViness, reaches out to OCA to express her graititude for online learining:


Hi Ms. Brennan,

I am a former student and have been thinking recently of getting in touch with the Ohio Connections Academy administration to let you know how much your program meant to me. I was a student from 2011-2013, for my junior and senior years of high school.  After having a bad experience in the public school system, especially with math and science courses, I hated school and was dead set against going to college. I didn't even want to finish high school.

Once I started OCA and could learn at my own pace from home, I started to love learning again and found that I actually did like science. I was actually interviewed for the newspaper about nontraditional high school graduations while I was finishing my time in your program.

Now I'm graduating from the University of Alabama in two weeks with a degree in physics and mathematics, with minors in German and Russian. I'm going abroad, to Germany, to do research on a Fulbright scholarship for 10 months starting in September, and when I get back, I'm starting a PhD at Princeton!

I really don't think that I would be anywhere near where I am today if I hadn't had the opportunity to attend OCA, so I wanted to thank you and everyone who worked with me there. It really changed my life at a time when I thought school was pointless for me.


Alex LeViness