National Charter Schools Week 2021


National Charter Schools Week helps recognize and raise public awareness for charter schools, school choice, student success, and the charter school movement as a whole. The 2021 theme is National Charter Schools Week 2021: 30 Years Strong. It is the 30th anniversary of the first charter school law. Ohio celebrates 24 years in the movement, with its first charter school law passing in 1997. Today, Ohio charter schools serve over 120,000 students across the state.

For a history of the charter school movement as a whole, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools created a video. Share with your friends who may not know (or need a refresher) on charter school history and its impact on education today!

Thank you to Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner for recognizing National Charter Schools Week during the Ohio Senate Session on May 12th, 2021. Senator Brenner highlighted the 300+ Ohio charter schools doing an incredible job serving their students and communities. The recording of Senator Brenner recognizing National Charter Schools Week can be found here on our Facebook page. 

Over the course of the week, charter school leaders, students, parents, and advocates came together to showcase the amazing things that charter schools are doing. OCCS participated virtually on social media platforms, debunking charter school myths and highlighting our schools.

We encourage you to continue advocating for charter schools beyond National Charter Schools Week. To view charter school data points and learn more about us and our sponsored schools, follow us on social media.

Thank you for participating in National Charter Schools Week. Please join us in the celebration next year!

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