Celebrating Black History Month

In the United States, February is designated to celebrate Black History Month.  For 2024, the spotlight is on "African Americans and the Arts," honoring the significant influence of African Americans across various artistic domains, including visual and performing arts, music, literature, cultural trends, and beyond.

In line with our inclusive culture at OCCS and our schools, we have compiled educational materials and details on how to engage with and appreciate the contributions of African American individuals to the arts. This includes information on Black History Month, ideas on celebrating, and more. Below, you will find links to these resources.

 Celebrating Black History Month through the Arts:

Engage in Cultural Events

Across the nation, institutions, such as the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C., organize special showcases in honor of Black History Month. This year, try to immerse yourself in exhibits highlighting African American contributions in art, music, literature, and cinema, aligning with the 2024 theme. Also, take advantage of virtual tours and online galleries if in-person visiting is not an option.

 Immerse Yourself in Film and Literature

Allocate time to explore films made by African American directors or starring African American actors that illuminate the African American experience and their cultural contributions. Similarly, delving into works by African American writers, such as Toni Morrison, Ralph Ellison, or Alice Walker, can deepen understanding and appreciation.

Experience Live Arts and Educational Workshops

Search for events at local theaters, community centers, and educational institutions featuring performances from black artists, including musicians, poets, and dancers. Educational workshops can provide practical experience in African American artistic traditions, ranging from jazz improvisation to African dance.

 Join Library and Virtual Activities

Many libraries organize events like author readings, book clubs, and discussions centered around African American culture and literature. Virtual platforms and social media also host webinars, talks, and interactive sessions focused on exploring this year's theme.

Resources for celebrating Black History Month:

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