School Resources


K-3 Literacy Webinar
Local Report Card Calculations; Reading Achievement Improvement Indicators (RAP/RAMP) and resources.
Ohio Coalition for Quality Education
Information related to advocacy for charter schools, and policy/legislative developments.
Office of Community Schools, Ohio Department of Education
A beginning link for information available to charters and developers in Ohio.
Ohio Community School Law
Key information regarding Ohio’s current statutory requirements for charter schools
Ohio’s Consolidated Accountability Workbook
A detailed description of the metrics (and ramifications) used to hold all of Ohio’s public schools accountable.
Ohio Department of Education
Homepage for the Ohio Department of Education.
Ohio Leadership Advisory Council
Information related to the Ohio Improvement Process and ongoing school improvement efforts in Ohio.
Ohio’s Office of Exceptional Children
Information related to regulations and resources for the education of gifted students and those with disabilities.
Value Added Information
Resources and training on Ohio’s growth model.
Online Colleges in Ohio
Resources for best Online Colleges and Universities in Ohio


Center for Education Reform
Comprehensive information regarding ongoing national school reform efforts.
Common Core Standards
Detailed information about core standards in reading and math.
Dr. Brian L. Carpenter and Associates: Governing Authority Resources
A training resource, Dr. Carpenter has authored three books on the subject of effective governance for charters.
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Information on charter school best practices and news throughout the country.
National Charter School Resource Center
Nation-wide charter school information.
National Secondary Transitional Technical Assistance Center
Evidence-based practices, toolkits, and online training resources for transition-related services.
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
A resource for new online, state-wide assessments
Response to Intervention (RTI) Action Network
Training and resources designed to support the implementation of Response to Intervention efforts.
Universal Design for Learning
Research and guidelines about practices which engage learners by meaningful differentiations of instruction.
What Works Clearinghouse
A significant resource of research-based practices that produce results in classrooms.

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